Program Educational Objectives (PEO)


The Department of Business Administration embeds the roots for professional and personal development of the graduates that are expected in the years (3 to5) to come after completion of their degrees. The graduates are expected to: 

PEO 1: Pursue and succeed in graduate programs 
PEO 2: Apply business knowledge in the corporate world as ethical and responsible professionals 
PEO 3: Take lifelong learning as a motto 
PEO 4: Demonstrate leadership qualities and be able to deal with group dynamics 
PEO 5: Present and express themselves as skilled communicators 



Nine Program Outcomes (POs) have been devised that will be reflected in the knowledge, skills and attitudes that the business students are expected to achieve at the time of their graduation. These POs are stated as follows: 

PO 1. Practical and Problem-solving skills

Definition/Explanation: Analyze complex and real-life business environment, identify problems, and apply knowledge in seeking solutions
PO 2. Scientific and Analytical skills
Definition/Explanation: Able to utilize business related scientific knowledge to collect, visualize and analyze information.  
PO 3. Entrepreneurship and Innovation skills 
Definition/Explanation: Demonstrate and apply multidisciplinary knowledge to become an effective entrepreneur and create innovative ideas.  
PO 4. Communication & IT skills  
Definition/Explanation: Communicate effectively within the business community and the society at large that include but not limited to writing effective reports and documentation, delivering effective presentations as well as giving and receiving clear instructions 
PO 5. Values, Ethics and Morality
Definition/Explanation: Inculcate a higher level of ethical values and moral behavior in professional business conduct 
PO 6. Teamwork and Leadership skills
Definition/Explanation: Able to function effectively as a team member or a leader in a diversified, multi-disciplinary team setting 
PO 7. Professionalism
Definition/Explanation: Display highest level of professionalism (such as punctuality, business etiquette and meeting deadlines) in business environment 
PO 8. Social skills and responsibilities
Definition/Explanation: Able to communicate and interact with others both verbally and non-verbally through gestures, body language and appearance, and understand the obligation to act for the benefit of society at large. 
PO 9. Life-long Learning skills
Definition/Explanation: Recognize the need for, and have the preparation and ability to engage in independent and life-long learning 
in the broadest context of business and technological changes


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