DBA Program Rated ‘Very Good’

    The Academic Program (BBA) offered by the Department of Business Administration, UAP has been awarded the grading of "VERY GOOD" by the ‘External Peer Review Team’ comprising national and international quality experts. This review was carried out under the Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project (HEQEP), initiated by the University Grants Commission of Bangladesh.


    DBA Casebook

    Casebook-Instant Cases: Cases for Class Room Solution

    Teaching with real-world cases has become one of the accepted modes of teaching and learning in today’s educational arena. Due to the scarcity of case material in local context, teachers are forced to rely on cases gleaned from European and American books. But unfortunately, those foreign cases can’t truly reflect the local scenario. To fill-up the dearth of case materials on local context, DBA came up with a casebook titled ‘Instant Cases: Cases for Class Room Solution’.

    It was the first casebook on Bangladeshi perspective ever published by a private business school. The book contains twenty-five cases, developed by the faculties of DBA, which covers a wide range of issues from the entire spectrum of business education. This book has stimulated numerous students on applying their mental faculty, rather than memorizing ability, to analyze a business situation from different perspectives.

    Teacher's Special Achievement

    • Dr. Shamsad Ahmed, Associate Professor, DBA, had been awarded the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD.) degree in Marketing from University of Dhaka.
    • Mr. Jaber Al Islam, Lecturer, DBA, had received the following awards:
    • Al Maruf Khan Gold Medal for Academic Excellence: Program: MBA Session: 2015-16
    • Dean’s Honor Award: Program: MBA Session: 2015-16

    Student's Special Achievement

    The placement committee collaborated a talent hunt program named 'Brain Warmer' with Macomm. Tasnim Mahbub Riti, a student of BBA Batch-38 was selected and been offered a place over there.




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