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Center for IT Security and Privacy (CISP) is the first ever center of its kind in Bangladesh. The mission of CISP is to enhance and extend the university's existing technological strength in IT, with demonstrated potential for Bangladesh. In pursuing this mission the center will conduct interdisciplinary research on IT security, data privacy, and trusted systems; on software for fault tolerant and dependable systems; and on product reliability. The center will hold research seminars/meetings related to security and privacy, and work under collaborations with different domestic and international universities or research laboratories. Moreover, the center is willing to research with a view to developing effective cyber security and privacy policy for our country. Furthermore, CISP plans to offer security training services to government/non-government organizations and individuals.

Name Dr. Shahera Hossain
Affiliation Assistant Professor (CSE, UAP)
Email shaherahossain@uap-bd.edu

Name Md. Akhtaruzzaman Adnan
Affiliation Assistant Professor (CSE, UAP)
Name Abdullah-Al-Mamun
Affiliation Lecturer (CSE, UAP)
Name Md. Anowarul Abedin
Affiliation Lecturer (CSE, UAP)

Dr. Md. Abdur Razzaque, CSE, University of Dhaka
Dr. Tanzima Hashem, CSE, BUET
Md. Shafiul Alam Khan, Institute of Information Technology, University of Dhaka
Atsuko Miyaji, D. Sci., JAIST, Japan
Dr. Masakazu Soshi, Hiroshima-City University, Japan
Dr. Keita Emura, NICT, Japan

Previous Events

1st Meeting of the IT Security and Privacy Research Unit- Bangladesh

2nd Meeting of IT Security and Privacy Research Unit-Bangladesh.

Two papers published under international collaboration (2 with Japan) and one paper in collaboration with domestic industry (EATL).


              Topic: Computer Science Research: Current Trends and Future
               Speaker:  Suman Nath, PhD;
                                 Senior Researcher,
                                 Sensing and Energy Research Group,
                                 Microsoft Research, USA

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