Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q. Is Department of Business Administration (DBA) accredited?
A. In Bangladesh there is no official accredited body yet, but University Grants Commission (UGC) is the highest controlling authority to oversee all activities about public and private universities. However, the department is working on to apply for international accreditation.

Q. Is Department of Business Administration authorized to issue degrees?
A. Yes, with the approval of Ministry of Education of Bangladesh Department of Business Administration is authorized to grant degrees at Bachelor and Masters levels.

Q. Does Department of Business Administration have any placement office?
A. Yes, the department has a placement office that places students in various organization for internship and job.

Q. Is there any computer lab at Department of Business Administration?
A. Yes, Department of Business Administration has a computer laboratory where students are taught different software related to business operation. The laboratory has 69 upgraded computers supported by latest operating systems, antivirus software and other necessary softwares like Microsoft excel, Microsoft word, PowerPoint, SPSS and AMOS. The lab is operated by 2 skilled staff.

Q. Is there any medical centre at Department of Business Administration?
A. A medical center with two certified doctors and updated apparatuses are available for the students for emergency medical needs. However, the facilities in the medical center are limited to providing first aid services but not the critical cases. Social Counseling Center (SSS) is the university’s primary hub for personal counseling, psycho-therapy, and psychological outreach and consultation services. The Centre’s mission is to promote the psychological, educational, and social well-being of the student of UAP and to help prepare them to be productive members of society. Although SSS is primarily focused on students, but the services are extended to the faculty, staff and even the parents/spouse of the students, when needed. This center also offers a number of workshops on different psycho-social issues such as stress and anger management, self- respect and self-confidence, emotional intelligence, forgiveness, meditation, communication, relationship and leadership skills and so on. It also provides training on group dynamics and motivational lectures.

Q. Does Department of Business Administration provide free Wi-Fi facility?
High speed internet connection is provided to the students at DBA campus. The students can get access to free Wi-Fi from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Q. Is there any prayer room for both male and female at Department of Business Administration?
A. Yes, there are separate prayer rooms for both male and female.

Q. Is there any common room for both male and female at Department of Business Administration?
A. The department has a common room only for female students. However, there is a indoor game room for the students.

Q. Is there any canteen?
A. Besides the central cafeteria the department also has a separate food corner at its floor.

Q. Are the faculty members available outside the classrooms?
A. Course Instructors and faculty members are involved in academic guidance in their designated counseling hours to facilitate students’ learning and overcoming their weaknesses in academic matters.

Q. How long does the office remain open?
A. The BBA office remains open from 8 a.m. to 05 p.m. on weekdays and the MBA and EMBA office remains open from 3.00 p.m. to 9.30 pm including Fridays and Saturdays.

Q. Is there any outer campus in Bangladesh?
A. Department of Business Administration has no outer campus anywhere in Bangladesh. As per Private University Act 2010 it is illegal to have any campus/unit/Information Center anywhere in Bangladesh without consent from UGC.

Q. When was Department of Business Administration established? 
A. In 1997 the Department of Business Administration officially commenced its journey offering Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA).

Q. Are Department of Business Administration degrees recognized in other countries or by other universities?
A. The degrees offered by Department of Business Administration are recognized by the employers. However, each university has its own policy concerning the recognition of credits earned at other universities. To apply to other universities, students should contact the other schools regarding their specific policy concerning acceptance of credits earned at Department of Business Administration.

Q. Does Department of Business Administration offer distance learning programs and on-campus programs?
A. No, Department of Business Administration does not offer any such program, it offers only on-campus programs.

Q. Does Department of Business Administration accept credits earned at other universities? If so, how many?
A. Yes, Department of Business Administration accepts credits earned at other universities. But minimum 63 credits (out of 130 credits) have to be done from here.

Q. Does Department of Business Administration offer financial aid to students?
A. UAP has a waiver policy which is given on the basis of Semester GPA. Tuition fee waiver (only for merit-based) is awarded based on GPA as per the following:

    GPA Percentage of

    Tuition Fee Waiver

    3.50 - 3.74


    3.75 – 3.89


    3.90 – 3.99




In addition to the above waiver policy, top 3% students study in BBA program is offered 100% tuition waiver based on semester results. 10% - 100% Vice Chancellor’s special tuition fee waiver is offered to poor meritorious students.

Q. Who are the faculty of Department of Business Administration?


Q. How will I get the admission information about Department of Business Administration?
A. The admission information is available in the followings:

Q. How many semesters are offered yearly in Department of Business Administration and when do they start?
A. DBA offers 2 semesters yearly for BBA i.e. Spring Semester (May) and Fall semester (October). MBA offers three semesters: Summer (June), Fall (October) & Spring (February).

Q. What Undergraduate programs does Department of Business Administration offer? How many credits do I have to complete per program?
A. It offers Bachelor in Business Administration Program for undergraduate level. A student must complete 130 credits to avail his/her BBA degree from our Business School.

Q. How many major does Department of Business Administration offer?
A. Department of Business Administration offers five majors namely Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management and Management Information System.


Q. Is there any scope for extra-curricular activities at Department of Business Administration?
A. Besides 12 central clubs run by Directorate of Students’ Welfare the department also has 6 separate clubs for the undergraduate students. The department facilitates the following clubs:
1. Ingenious Marketing Club
2. Club of Finance & Accounting
3. English Language Club
4. Social Welfare Club
5. Salman Memorial Sports Club
6. Cultural Club

The events/club activities can be found in the following link:

Q. Does Department of Business Administration have its permanent campus?
A. Yes, The Department of Business Administration is in the permanent campus of UAP at 74/A, Green Road, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh.

Q. How can I apply?

Q. How can I calculate my GPA of ‘O’/‘A’ levels for the admission application in Southern?
Q. Can I see my application status online?

Q. How much is the admission application fee?
A. Both Local and Foreign applicants need to pay the non-refundable application fee Tk. 1,000.
Q. How can I pay admission application fee?
A. Applicants can pay their all fees through bKash

Q. What is the language of instruction at Department of Business Administration?
A. Programs are generally delivered in English using English language textbooks. The medium of instruction is English.

Q. What percentage of attendance is needed in order to pass?
A student must attend minimum 70 percent of classes in order to be allowed to take the final examinations.

Q. Is there any evening class for undergraduate programs?
A. No, there is no evening class for the undergraduate programs.
Q. Is there any weekend or evening class for postgraduate programs?
A. All the classes of MBA & EMBA programs are held in the evening on weekdays and weekends.
Q. Are there any hostel facilities in Department of Business Administration?
A. Not yet
Q. Does the department facilitate the students for pursuing higher studies?
A. Yes, UAP has a separate office for the same named Office of International Affairs.




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