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    CE Structure Club us one of the most popular and long-running students clubs of the Civil Engineering Department.

    • This Club Established in spring 2008; this club has been run by the enthusiasm of the departmental students.

    • One of our Alumni Md. Zafar Baig (15th Batch), Md. Rashedul Alam (16th Batch) started this club by showing different Mega Structures Video.


    • Creating awareness and interest about the variety of structures of the world.

    • Spreading the excitement about their elegance, at the same time create the zeal of knowledge about the creativity and skill necessary for their structural analysis and design.


    Presentation Competition, Quiz Competition, Project Exhibitition, Seminar, Site visit.




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    Environment and Disaster Management Club started its journey from Fall 2012. This is a Unique Club in the University of Asia Pacific. It is one of the most active club in UAP.

    Motto: To improve the environment by generating awareness in individuals.


    • EDMC is raising awareness by means of workshop, seminars and celebrating the important international dates, such as the World Environment Day, Observed on 5th June.

    • Day-long trips and awareness programs.

    • Our activities would help Disaster Affected people and also share pre – conscious and post-conscious knowledge to protect or reduce the environmental damages.

    • Also members of EDMC show some eco – friendly work that can be done instant by (e.g. they will be throwing trash in the bin)

    • Idea contest, poster competitions, project competitions.






    This Club was established in 2013 at UAP CE Department. This is the only club where students show their creativity. Like Art, Photography, Sculpture, Collections (Coin, Stamps), Events organizing thought etc. For Civil Engineering students entertainment this club organized many programs at the university campus. In the University of Asia Pacific, APC is the first Club who organized an Intra Departmental Art Competition and this is the only club known by not only UAP but also whole Bangladeshi Private Universities.


    • Photo and Art Exhibitions.

    • Mobiography Competitions.

    • Art Competitions

    • Photography Competitions.

    • Photography Workshop.

    • Art & Photography Workshop




    In the semester of Spring 2009, CE MATH CLUB was brought into light in the hope of removing the fear of math and make it more enjoyable for others by a group of students Hasib Ahsan (20th Batch) and Nazmul Alam (21st Batch) who loved and certainly did not fear math. This club has been hosted by some of the students of this department to whom Mathematics is a little bit more interesting.


    • Publication - iNFINITY.

    • Math Quiz Competitions.

    • Weekly quiz competitions.

    • Workshop (e.g. Rubik’s Cube, Plotting Graph)

    • Presentations Competition.

    • Math Related problem solving.


    CULTURAL CLUB (চিহ্ন)

    This Club started its journey in Fall 2012 with the help of Dr. Prof. M.R. Kabir. This club organized so many cultural programs. Their contribution mainly focused on CE Festival, RAG Day etc.


    • This club organize at least two program every semester (CE FESTIVAL, RAG DAY)

    • Cultural competition in different stages like Dance, Drama, Signing etc.

    • Try to find hidden talent from departmental students.




    UAP CE Film Club started its journey in Spring 2014. At first, this club was monitored under the cultural club (চিহ্ন). But after its first short film festival, this club was become independent and raised as a unique club.


    • Short Film Competiton

    • Film Making Workshop

    • Film Festival.




    Transportation Engineering Club started its journey in Fall 2013, Date-22.03.2014 From CE festival with the permission and help of Prof. Dr. M.R. Kabir. This club was founded by Md. Masum Billah (10205060) and Abdullah Al Masum (10205050) in 27th Batch students of CE Dept. They started this club with almost no support and work really hard to make this club reached where it is today.

    Club Activities:

    • Presentation competition.

    • Quiz Competition.

    • Digital Apps Competition on transport.

    • Project Competition.

    • Garage Marking.





    Geotechnical Engineering Club (GEC)

    Geotechnical Engineering Club is one of the most malleable club which related with soil mechanics. It is a departmental club of Civil Engineering in University of Asia Pacific which founded in 9th August 2016. It is a unique Club in the University of Asia Pacific which runs under CE Forum of the University of Asia Pacific. Basically, Geotechnical engineering is the study of the behavior of soils under the influence of loading forces and soil-water interactions. This knowledge is applied to the design of foundations, retaining walls, earth dams, clay liners, and geosynthetics for waste containment. The club founder of GEC is Md. Shaleh Ahmed & Md. Golam Rosul Shobuj, 31st Batch.


    • Quiz Competition

    • Poster Competition

    • Project Competition

    • Article Competition

    • Debate Competition

    • Seminar

    • Construction Site Visit

    • Magazine


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