Tuition Fee and Withdrawal


For undergraduate program every student selected for admission needs to pay Tk. 62,000 for 1st semester fees, and an additional Tk. 21,500 (i.e., Tk. 13,000 as admission fee, Tk. 5,000 as extra curricular activity fee, Tk. 3,000 as caution money, Tk. 500 for certificate verification and ID card), totaling Tk.83,500 at the time of admission. Caution Money taken from the students would be refundable at the time of her/his graduation from the university.
The semester fee for students with H.S.C., ‘A’ Levels and Diploma Engineering background is Tk. 62,000, which consists of Registration fee of Tk, 25,000 and Tuition fee of Tk. 37,000. Therefore, the total cost for 8 (= 4 × 2) semesters is Tk. 4,96,000 (= 8 × 62,000) in addition to the 21,500 mentioned before. In her/his final year at UAP, a student also needs to pay Tk 4,000 as convocation fee.

As mentioned in section 3.2, UAP offers tuition waiver/scholarship to eligible students based on their academic background (i.e., S.S.C. and H.S.C./equivalent results) and performance at UAP.

For graduate program during admission, the students have to pay admission fee, caution money, co-curricular activities fee, certificate verification and ID fee, tuition fee (for courses to be registered in the 1st semester) and convocation fee. The caution money will be returned to the students after completion of the study. Fees may change time to time upon approval of the AMCC.


The mode of refund of admission fees for the newly admitted undergraduate students would be as follows:
a. Tk.20,000 would be deducted if a student withdraws/cancels before the beginning of classes;
b. Tk.32,000 would be deducted if the withdrawal/cancellation in made within (02) weeks of classes;
c. No money would be refunded if a student withdraws/cancels his admission after two (02) weeks of classes.

Postgraduate students may withdraw courses within two weeks of commencement of classes of a semester.  For further details of the academic rules, students should consult the university information booklet for Examination Rules and Procedures.




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