Research Collaborations

The department has established research collaborations with professional organizations at home and abroad as well as with other academic departments of UAP. Some of the significant outcomes of the collaborations are as follows:

Professional Organizations
As part of the departmental policy to involve professional Civil Engineering organizations in its academic and research activities, the department has organized several workshops and training programs in collaboration with professional Civil
Engineers and organizations like Engineering Staff College of Bangladesh (ESCB), Public Works Department (PWD), Structural Engineers Limited (SEL), as well as international organizations like JCI, PARI, ICCMC and SEDF.

The Department of Civil Engineering did extensive research work on Recycling of Demolished Concrete. A research agreement on the topic was formally signed between UAP and The Structural Engineers Limited (SEL) in 2006. Later financial grant was also received for the same project from International Committee on Concrete Model Code for Asia (ICCMC). On that research topic, 1st seminar was organized in 2008 and the final research result was disseminated in the 2nd UAP-SEL seminar held in 2011.

The department established a research collaboration with the Port and Airport Research Institute (PARI), Japan, and sent selected final year students to Japan on the auspices of PARI to work on a collaborative research project between UAP and PARI, as part of which the students stayed in Japan for six weeks in summer and worked on the repair and durability of concrete structures, corrosion of reinforcing bars. Two batches of CE students were sent to PARI to work in this collaborative project.

The Department of CE received ‘Research Grant’ from Ministry of Science, Information, and Communication Technology, Bangladesh for a Research Projects like Dynamic Elasto-plastic Behavior of Reinforced Concrete and Experimental Investigation of Flexural and Axial Behavior of CFRP Wrapped Reinforced Demolished Concrete Beams and Short Columns for one year research-periods.

The Department of CE published a souvenir on Air Pollution: Threats and Duties of City Life in collaboration with Work for a Better Bangladesh (WBB) Trust. The souvenir was formally launched in a press conference attended by Professor Dr. M. R. Kabir, Head of the Department of CE.

The department also organized a workshop on the ISO-14000 in pharmaceutical industry, which was attended by a large number of participants from academia and industry.

Other Departments of UAP

One of the features of the departmental research is the involvement of other branches of knowledge in the development of the subject as well as the service and quality of research. Therefore, in addition to research works on Civil Engineering topics, it carries out multi-disciplinary research in collaboration with other departments of the university.

The Department of Civil Engineering (CE) and Department of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) jointly completed a project for data acquisition and generation of online test results/curves from any test sample of Universal Testing Machine. The machine was locally designed and developed under the supervision of the CE Department. Md. Arif Reza Anwary, a graduate of CSE Department installed the necessary transducers to generate digital data from the sample under test and developed the necessary software for data acquisition, processing and plotting of curves. By auto data acquisition and necessary processing, ‘Load-Elongation’ curve of the sample is plotted instantaneously on the computer screen, which can be further converted to ‘Stress-Strain’ curve for the sample. The accuracy of the whole system is comparable to any standard testing machine. Arif Reza Anwary was honored for his outstanding contribution in the project. He also designed and developed the necessary hardware and software for Earthquake simulator of CE Department. Both the projects were supervised by faculty members of the CE and CSE Departments. Results of their works have been presented in the 3rd Annual Paper Meet and International Conference on Civil Engineering (in Dhaka).

 In collaboration with the Department of Business Administration (DBA), the CE Department also carried out research and training works on earthquake disaster management, earthquake insurance policy, role of Civil Engineering in poverty alleviation and Total Quality Management. Some of these works have been presented in international conferences like the 3rd International Conference on Continental Earthquake (in China) and the IABSE International Conference on Role of Structural Engineers towards Reduction of Poverty (in India).




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