UAP Professor Dr. TanveerFerdous Saeed develops research on wastewater management using novel septic tank

Headed by Dr. TanveerFerdous Saeed, a Professor of the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Asia Pacific (UAP), a team comprising of UAP, Department of Public Health, WaterAid and United International University has recently published an extremely important research on wastewater treatment.

The research was published in the prestigious Journal of ‘Environmental Chemical Engineering (Elsevier Journal, IF: 4.3, Cite score 6.7).’ In this research paper, the team has developed a novel septic tank (bioreactor septic tank) that could completely treat wastewater produced from domestic/commercial facilities. For this research, UAP has received BDT 10 lakh from WaterAid Bangladesh. Septic tank is an important wastewater treatment component that is relied on by approximately 40% population of Europe, Australia, and North America.

In the context of Bangladesh, the population of Dhaka City and Puoroshovas are dependent on septic tanks. So this research would help solve the prolonged wastewater treatment problem. The proposed septic tank is easy to install, and existing septic tanks could be easily converted to the proposed systems without incurring major costs. WaterAid already implemented this septic tank to treat wastewater of an educational institute in Mirpur.