Seminar on “Design Principle of Hydraulic Structures Practiced in Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB)”

A seminar titled "Design Principles of Hydraulic Structures Practiced in Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB)" was held at the UAP Auditorium on February 6th, 2024, organized by the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Asia Pacific. Dr. Jiban Kumar Sarker, PEng, Additional Chief Engineer at BWDB, Dhaka, served as the guest speaker. He offered valuable insights into various hydraulic structures designed by BWDB.

Special guests Dr. Sayeed Ahmed, MD and CEO of Bayside Analytix, Adjunct Faculty at the Department of Civil Engineering, UAP, and Mr. Zahir Uddin Ahmed, an International Resource Person in Water Resource Management, were in attendance. The seminar commenced with a welcoming address by Lecturer Q.M. Arefin Bin Zaman Neloy. Then he invited the guest speaker to the podium to start his discussion.

Dr. Jiban Kumar highlighted his involvement in various projects such as the Rain Water Harvesting Project in coastal areas and the Comprehensive Study of Teesta River Basin. He discussed the design principles of river training works, flood control embankments, coastal embankments, and showcased practical exceptions applied in design. His discourse facilitated a better understanding of the disparity between theoretical and practical knowledge in real-life projects.

The Q&A session was highly productive, with the guest speaker and special guests addressing audience queries and delving into practical aspects, including solutions to waterlogging and design-related challenges.

The seminar concluded with valuable insights from Special Guests and Dr. Muhammad Mizanur Rahaman, Dean of the School of Engineering, UAP, and a concluding speech by Dr. Nehreen Majed, Head of the Department of Civil Engineering. Dr. Nehreen Majed and Dr. Muhammad Mizanur Rahaman presented Dr. Jiban Kumar with a crest as a token of appreciation for his contribution. Some of the photographs from the seminar are attached hereby.