University of Asia Pacific is on Top 5 among private Universities of Bangladesh in Scimago Institution Ranking, 2021

The Scimago Institution Ranking (SIR), 2021, ranks the University of Asia Pacific (UAP) as 5th among private universities and 19th among all public and private universities in Bangladesh. UAP's World Ranking is 836, and Asia Ranking is 458. The Scimago ranking list includes 4126 premier higher educational institutions worldwide based on SCOPUS data. For detail please visit Scimago University Ranking 2021.

The ranking of UAP in Scimago Institution Ranking, 2021 is the outcome of quality research, education, academic reputation, etc. of UAP. This is one of the great achievements of UAP where it has successfully kept its top position in comparison with other reputed private universities in Bangladesh, e.g. North South University, AIUB, UIU, etc. In Bangladesh, UAP is ranked 11th in Computer Science, 12th in Energy, and 12th in Engineering among all public and private universities according to the SCImago Institution Ranking (SIR) 2021 by Subject area.

The SIR is a classification of academic and research-related institutions ranked by a composite indicator that combines three different sets of indicators based on research performance, innovation outputs, and societal impact measured by their web visibility. The inclusion criterion is that the institutions had published at least 100 scientific research publications included in the SCOPUS database during the last year of the selected time period.