1. From 21 September 2022, no student will be allowed to enter the university premises without displaying the valid ID Cards provided by the university authority.

2. Students will require to show their ID Cards to the security personnel at the entrance of the University as well as while passing through the turnstiles for proper identification. Otherwise, they will not be permitted to enter the university premises. No excuse will be entertained under any circumstance.

3. If any student misbehaves for asking to show ID card, it will be counted as a punishable offence and the university will show zero tolerance against such offence.

4. Students are not allowed to help anyone (even another student of UAP) to enter the campus premises by using/transferring his/her own ID card. Students are advised to discourage their relatives/friends to visit the campus premises without any valid reason.

5. Students must display their ID Cards for all time during their stay at the campus. Students are also requested not to stay at any unauthorized area and to report the Proctorial body about any suspicious person or activity.

Compliance of the above instructions are required for the safety and security of the campus from unauthorized visitors and failure to comply with the above instruction may lead to disciplinary action. All are requested to cooperate with the security personnel and front desk office.

Md. Asaduzzaman