Lecture on Mental Health Literacy at UAP

The Social Counseling Centre (SCC) of Directorate of Students’ Welfare (DSW), University of Asia Pacific (UAP) conducted a lecture on Mental Health Literacy on July 23, 2023 to the newly admitted student of department of Architecture of Spring-2023.

The aim of this program was to share with the students the basic information and understanding regarding psychological health and to introduce the Social Counselling Centre of UAP to them.

Mr. Takad Ahmed Chowdhury, Director of DSW, UAP was present at the session. In his opening speech, he noted that education encompasses not only academic excellence, but also the holistic development of minds and souls. Every individual needs tools to navigate the complexities of life while fostering resilience and compassion, he noted. He urged the students to be aware of their emotional intelligence and mental health issues and encouraged them to actively take part in the session and ask queries regarding the lecture, if they have any.

Ms. Ayesha Islam, Socio Counselor of the University of Asia Pacific conducted the session. She discussed about psychological health, different myths regarding psychological health, some commonly faced psychological issues, the process of counseling and services provided by the Social Counselling Centre of University of Asia Pacific.
Two psychological measurement tools, Emotional intelligence scale & Suicidal ideation scales were distributed among the students so that they can measure their level of emotional intelligence and if they have any suicidal ideation or not.
Student involvement and the responses from the participants were encouraging. They asked various questions and took part in discussion during the session. They expressed their happiness after knowing in details about the service provided for them on need basis.
Miss Tahmina Rahman , Assistant Professor and Mr. Taorem Rahul Singha, Lecturer, Deparment of Architecture, UAP, were also present at the session. Both of them gave their positive feedback at the end of the session.