DSW organizes a webinar on “Be aware and Be Productive: Dealing with the new normal”


On 17 July, 2020,the Directorate of Students’ Welfare (DSW), in association with Social Awareness Club, arranged a webinar on “Be aware and Be Productive: Dealing with the New Normal”. Ahmed Hossain, PhD, Professor of Public Health and Director, Global Health Institute, North South University was the technical expert to this webinar while Air Cdre (Retd.) IshfaqIlahi Choudhury, Treasurer and Director, DSW, UAP joined the programme as one of the discussants.

In his presentation, Mr. Hossain has showed a comparative statement of COVID-19 cases and death rates of South Asian countries compare to other western and European countries. Mr. Hossain advised to the students to continue their regular activities abide by health hygiene, e. g.i) hand hygiene involves sanitizing and washing hands frequently & ii) respiratory hygiene; wearing mask along with maintaining social distancing. In his presentation, he also made some recommendations to the students to keep well and safe during this pandemic at stay-at-home period; wake up early in the morning, make daily to-do list, read books and learn something, nourish the body with healthy food, take some physical exercise, be careful of using social-media and limit yourself from exposure of news and COVID-19.

Air Cdre (Retd.) IshfaqIlahi Choudhury depicted a global scenario, specially the neighboring countries of Bangladesh. He also inspired the participants to be productive while maintaining the health related protocols.

The webinar was also addressed by Ms. MahzabinGazi, Assistant Prof., Pharmacy, and Advisor, Social Awareness Club, Mr. Tarek Khan, Assistant Director, and Ms. Farjana Yasmin, Socio Counsellor, DSW.

There was a Q&A session where students took part enthusiastically.