UAP’s English Department Launched Its Fall 2020 issue of Reflections


On March 7, 2021, the Department of English, University of Asia Pacific (UAP), successfully launched the Fall 2020 issue of the bi-annual online magazine, Reflections. The e-magazine has been designed for both students and teachers of the English Department to equally exhibit their expertise and originality on a shared platform.

The magazine can be read online following this link The link directly opens the cover page of the magazine and on that page, visitors can easily check out different sections covered. This digital magazine offers a window of opportunity for the students to showcase their capabilities both in written and visual forms.

Dr. Mehnaz Tazeen Choudhury, Associate Professor and Head of the English Department has praised this second publication in great measure and has said that this e-magazine has been established primarily as an outlet for the students to voice their aspirations, so, all the learners of the English Department, UAP are cordially invited to convey themselves into a conglomeration. Associate Professor and Editor of the magazine, Dr. Zakia Ahmad “Reflections” believes that through this platform, young minds will have a unique chance to feel keenly, observe acutely, reflect deeply, and thus express themselves remarkably.

Submission for the Spring 2021 is open now. For more information, please visit,