Seminar on Spatiotemporal Variation of Tropical Rainforest Trees Wateruse

On Thursday ( 19 July 2018) evening, a seminar on "Spatiotemporal Variation of Tropical Rainforest Trees Wateruse” was held at Civil Engineering Department as part of UAP CE SEMINAR SERIES.

Md. Shawkat Islam Sohel, Adjunct Researcher, Tropical Forests and People Research Centre, University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia, was the guest speaker.

He discussed his thesis work which suggested the use of isotope tracers to have a better understanding of water consumption by various tree species, hydrological niche segregation, factors responsible for spatial variation of xylem water and contrasting water use strategies among co-occurring tropical species. He further said that the approaches can be applied in other climatic condition to investigate water uptake pattern of diverse tree species at fine spatiotemporal scale.

The hour-long seminar ended in a Q&A session. Several faculties of Civil Engineering Department attended the seminar.