Python Workshop Held at University of Asia Pacific


Considering the application and acceptance of currently one of the most popular programming languages Python, a workshop on Python was held on 24thOctober, 2016 at University of Asia Pacific, Farmgate, Dhaka. The workshop was entitled "Workshop on Python Programming for Beginners". It was a four-hour workshop where the participants were given the basic idea of Python programming language. Following the students' interest in Python, a follow-up is expected to be arranged very soon.

Dr. Bilkis Jamal Ferdosi, head of computer Science and Engineering department inaugurated the workshop. In her speech, she emphasized the importance of exploring new frontiers of study discipline to students and encouraged them to participated in such co-curricular activities more vigorously. Abdul Kawsar Tushar, lecturer of the same department, organized and mentored the workshop.

AkmAshiquzzaman and MdShopon conducted the lessons. The lessons included basic syntax, arithmetic operation, data types and variables, conditional statement, loop control, list, tuple, dictionary and strings. They made sure students' proper participation. Q&A session & hands-on activities were ensured so that every student can get the necessary idea about the language. At the end of the workshop, one student was awarded with a prize for best performance in the entire workshop.

Python has gained huge popularity in recent years. It is an easy to understand and beginner friendly programming language that can be used for web programming, data science, Raspberry Pi, scripting and automating stuffs.

All participants would recommend the workshop to others and over 90% rated the workshop as excellent. In the words of participant Farhana Zaman, "Compared to the programming language taught so far, Python seems to be the easiest and most free-flowing. The purpose of motivating the students about this fairly new language has been successful."

Overall, the workshop was an enjoyable learning experience for everyone involved, showing that coding and learning how to code is an exciting and fun activity.