Mental Health Literacy Session at UAP


Mental Health Literacy Session has been resumed at University of Asia Pacific with the student of Fall-2020. This session has been organized by Social Counselling Centre of University of Asia Pacific with the newly admitted student from each department separately.

The aim of this program is to give the students basic information and understanding regarding Psychological Health and introducing the Social Counselling Centre of UAP to them. Till date, Mental Health Literacy Session has been completed with the students from Department of Law and Human Rights, Department of Civil Engineering and Department of Pharmacy.

Air Cdre (Retd.) Ishfaq Ilahi Choudhury, Treasurer and Director of DSW, UAP was present at the session with Department of Pharmacy. In his speech, he said that a student can suffer stress and many other psychological problems for various reasons. In that case s/he can take the counseling service confidentially to manage his/her issues. He encouraged the student to ask any queries regarding the session.

Mst. Farjana Yasmin, Socio Counselor of University of Asia Pacific was the facilitator of the session. Throughout the session, she discussed about psychological health, different myths regarding psychological health, some commonly faced psychological issues, the process of counseling and services of Social Counselling Centre of University of Asia Pacific.

The responses from the participants were great. They asked various question regarding the session. They are happy after knowing that UAP has this facility for them and they can take this service on need basis.

With the students, the respective student advisors were present at the session. In their feedback, they said that this session will be very helpful for the students as well as for the faculties also.