UAP members attended the ‘Gender and Sexual & Reproductive Health Conference for Young Adults 2018’


In a rapidly modernizing Bangladesh, young people face constant emotional and mental challenges to their personal well-being, access to information and choices regarding their bodies, particularly, as they relate to gender identity, sexual and reproductive health. To address these issues, BRAC University JPG School of Public Health organized a day-long conference on ‘Gender and Sexual & Reproductive Health Conference for Young Adults 2018’on January 30, 2018. 36 members including students, faculty and staff from the University of Asia Pacific (UAP) attended the conference, along with students from different public and private universities of Dhaka. Their participation was facilitated by the Social Counseling Centre (SCC) of UAP.

The conference aimed to collaboratively share and examine current global, regional and local scholarship on emotional well being and self-esteem, negotiation of gender roles and sexuality and expectations, and navigating contemporary social relationships among young people.

The interactive panels of the conference were divided into four sessions, namely: the Importance of Emotional Life and Well-being of Young Adults, the Importance of Being a Young Women, Being a Young Man and the Importance of Technology and Relationships. Renowned academicians, researchers and gender specialists conducted the sessions.

There were Q&A period at the end of each session where students came up with their own queries about the issues under discussion and their own concerns.