IEEE UAP SB and EEE Project Club jointly Organized a Workshop on Ardiuno

IEEE UAP Student Branch (SB) and EEE Project club jointly organized a day-long workshop on 'Ardiuno' on 19 May 2017. The workshop was conducted by Md. Khairul Alam, Lecturer, EEE & Convener, EEE Project Club; Anas Syed, Assistant Professor, EEE and Sakhawat Hossen Rakib, Lecturer, EEE.

This workshop was attended by 65 students from both EEE and CSE department of UAP including IEEE members of this branch. In this event, participants were given hands on training on Ardiuno kit that included introduction to micro-controller and various kits, use of Ardiuno kit and Ardiuno softwares, writing a program and loading it to microcontroller, temperature sensor operation and working with serial data and lastly, working with LED display.

A follow up session of this workshop will be arranged soon.