Civil Engineering Faculty delivers a lecture at Fudan University, Shanghai, China


Upon invitation from Fudan University, Dr. Muhammad Mizanur Rahaman, D.Sc. (Tech.), Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, from University of Asia Pacific, delivered a lecture during international symposium on "Trans-Boundary Water Resource Cooperation in Asia- Progress and Prospect" held on August 12-13 at Fudan University, Shanghai, China.

A total of 30 Professors/ senior researchers from 25 countries attended the symposium. In addition, Professors from different Chinese Universities and representatives from Ministry for Foreign Affairs, China, attended the symposium and Dr. Rahaman's lecture.

The title of his lecture was "Management of South Asian International Rivers: Contemporary Challenges and future potential". In his lecture, Dr. Rahaman stressed the need for multilateral cooperation involving all countries sharing international rivers basins in South Asia for peaceful management of shared water resources. Dr. Rahaman emphasizes that any unilateral water resources development approach without involving all countries sharing the river basin will be counter-productive in the long run and will create long term regional water conflict. On the other hand, multilateral water development approach will ensure long term regional development and peaceful co-existence.

Experts from China, South East Asia, Central Asia, North Korea and South Korea presented their respective experiences of international river basin management in their region. After the symposium, Fudan University arranged a 2 days trip to Anhui Province to visit different water development projects and Yellow Mountain.