Workshop on "Team Building for Self Assessment at Program Level"


Self Assessment Committee (SAC) of Department of Pharmacy, University of Asia Pacific (UAP), arranged a workshop on team building for self assessment of academic programs on January 11, 2017, starting from 2.00 pm at the department.

The aim of the workshop was to enhance and ensure quality in higher education; educational institution/department is required to be more responsive to the changing needs of the stakeholders (Students, teachers, non academic staff, alumni and employers). This is very important for the institution/department to know how well they are doing and how can they do even better to meet the stakeholders. The self assessment exercise is an effective approach to gain a clear understanding of current situation by SWOT analysis.

In the workshop, Dr. Mahbubul Haq, Director, IQAC, University of Asia Pacific, briefed on the HEQEP project jointly funded by Government of Bangladesh and World Bank. Irin Dewan, Head, SAC, Department of Pharmacy, UAP, presented a brief guideline on self assessment activities of academic programs to ensure qualitative supremacy of our graduates through a team. Md. Abu Sufian, Member, SAC, Department of Pharmacy, UAP conducted the workshop.

Prof. Dr. Swarnali Islam Khandaker, Head, Department of Pharmacy and all other faculty members of the department attended in the workshop and actively participated in the faculty survey.