UAP Indoor Games Club organized an Online Chess Tournament


The Indoor Games Club, University of Asia Pacific, organized an online Chess Tournament from 17 September 2020 to 28 September 2020. It was divided into 3 categories: Students-Male, Students-Female and Staff. After multiple rounds of play, the champion for the male category was Mohammad Kabir Sadi, Student, Department of CSE and Runner up was Joy Dhar, Student, Department of CSE. The champion for the female category was Homaira Adiba, Student, Department of CSE and Runner up was Sumaya Akhter, Student, Department of English.

In the faculty and staff category- Mr. Sabbir Ahmed Dibbo, Lecturer, Department of English and Mr. Molla Rashied Hussein, Assistant Professor, CSE were champion and runner up respectively.

The event was conducted through an online chess playing platform. The executive members of the Indoor games club were responsible for the smooth running of the event.

A total of 82 students from all the departments participated.