UAP student Participates in the 1st International English Speech Competition Organized by AUAP


Naila Khairun Nahar, a student of the Department of Pharmacy of the University of Asia Pacific (UAP) took part in an international English Speech Competition, organized by the Association of Universities of Asia & the Pacific (AUAP) from July 23 to July 25, 2015 at Suranaree University of Technology (SUT), NakhonRatchasima, in Thailand. AUAP Secretariat organized this prestigious competition for the first time with a view to giving an opportunity to the undergraduate students of its member countries to showcase their talents in preparing & delivering a 5 minutes prepared speech on a given topic & a 2 minutes impromptu speech followed by question & answer sessions. It's to be noted that the University of Asia Pacific (UAP) is a proud member of this international association of universities.

According to Naila, it was a great experience for her facing all those talented participants from different universities from Asia, the Pacific & Europe including Australia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Philippines, China and so on. "To promote the academic mobility & cultural exchanges I think it was a great platform both for my university and for my country. English as a second language is often a source of panic to the students, but by practicing more and more, by making ourselves efficient speakers, we can open the platform for ourselves even in the international arena. So besides studies, we must involve ourselves to flourish our hidden talents and to boost up our leadership quality & community skills. I am very much fortunate to have such an opportunity with the support from my mentors, my University and my beloved family. I think it's the starting. They all helped me to step up for the stairs to my desire zeal." says Naila.

After the competition, participating students were entertained with the traditional & cultural programs of Thailand, visits to various traditional places of historical and cultural value like royal palaces, museums made the journey more memorable.