Fresher's' Reception Spring 2013


The freshers' reception program of students of Spring 2013 semester of UAP was held on June 01,2013. A cultural program was organized on this occasion. Vic Chancellor Prof. Dr. Jamilur Reza Choudhury chaired the program. Chief Guest of the program was Mr. A. A. Kamruzzaman, Chairperson of UAP Board of Trustees. Members of UAP Board of Trustees Mr. Anhar Ahmed Chowdhury and Mr. A.K.M. Kamaluddin Chowdhury, Pro Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. M. R. Kabir, Registrar Dr. Md. Abdul Mazid, Heads of the different departments of UAP, administrative personnel were present on the occasion. Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. Jamilur Reza Choudhury thanked the students of Spring 2013 semester and said that he would also like to thank their guardians for choosing UAP. He advised the students to be regular in their studies. He also emphasized on being attentive during the class lectures. While talking about the urgency of maintaining class schedule and attending the classes he said, "Due to the recent political scenario we are continuing our classes and other works on Friday and Saturday too. UAP is adamant when it comes to maintaining class schedules and completing syllabuses in due time"


He said, “Social skill development, IT abilities, linguistic abilities are important  for a student, these help him/her in future life and career.” He also stressed on four important elements of a good university; curriculum, good faculty line-up, good and attentive students, learning environment etc. He said, “UAP is one of the oldest private universities. Besides other vital elements of a good university it has a good learning environment.” He also aspired, “Though for the time being UAP lacks the proper physical environment that includes permanent campus and other infrastructural facilities, hopefully this problem will be solved soon with the completion of UAP Green road campus.”

Mr. A.A.Kamruzzaman, Chairperson of BOT congratulated all on such a propitious event and mentioned that this event is important to him as well. ‘Many of you are new in Dhaka city, your parents have expectations from you that you have to fulfill. And for that reason you have to be attentive throughout the education session. You have to learn a lot from this university,” he said.

Mr. A.K.M.Kamaluddin Ahmed, Member of BOT said, “It is indeed an opportunity for me to meet the students who have just joined us. You all are the assets of this society; you have a lot to contribute to the development of this country. Not only on studies but also you should emphasize on building characters.” He ended his speech saying, “Always aim for going to the top.”

Mr. Anhar Ahmed Chowdhury, Member of BOT said, “We feel proud when someone form UAP does well or performs well anywhere.” Mentioning that he has expectation from this new batch he said, “In sha Allah this batch will provide us with students who will make us proud some day.”

Mr. Ali Zawar Sayeed, an old student of Dept. of Architecture said that he is proud that he was a student of UAP. He praised the Faculty members of Architecture department saying that they are friendly. He also mentioned that Dept. of Architecture of UAP has reputation among the top firms and companies in the country that recruit students with Architecture background.

Prof. Dr. M. R. Kabir, Pro Vice Chancellor in his speech stressed on Zero defects. He said, “The academic goal of this institute is to make strong graduates with zero defects; “defect” is the difference between expectation and performance. Your performance, your attitude, your character all have to be with  zero defect.” He advised the students to study seriously and attentively.

Registrar of UAP Dr. Md. Abdul Mazid congratulated all the new students of Spring 2013. He said, “We are lucky that we have the opportunity to have Prof. Dr. Jamilur Reza Choudhury as our Vice Chancellor. He is not only known worldwide as a renowned Engineer, but also he is famed for being a good administrator.” He hoped that under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Jamilur Reza Choudhury this university would go a long way.

Rahat, a student from English Department (Spring 2013 batch) said that the classes are taken at UAP on regular basis which is really appreciable. He also mentioned that faculty members are really friendly and helpful.

Acting Treasurer Prof. Dr. Md. Sekendar Ali said, “You should strictly follow the academic rules and programs. Utilize every opportunity that you can get here and involve yourself moderately in extra curricular activities besides studies.”

Later a cultural program was held that followed the discussion program.