Film Festival -2014 at DBA


The students of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) organised a film festival titled 'Film Festival 2014' in the Department of Business Administration (DBA) premise on 12th June, 2014.


Professor and Head of DBA Mr ShahriarAnam inaugurated the festival, co-ordinated by Ms.SadiaTangem, Lecturer of the department. Faculty members were present in the inaugural ceremony. Students and the teachers relished the event with great pleasure.

There was a feeling of necessity for arranging an event for the newcomers of spring 2014 semester.

The films were chosen through great deliberation and three films included Sintel, Johnny English Reborn, and The Amazing Spider Man. Students from all semesters were present during the show and occasional bursts of laughter were heard throughout the room.

The organizers of the festival are MoshiurRahman, MdForhadMiah, TanvirMahmood Sikder and Habib Ullah Tanjil, all are the students of DBA.