UAP Film Club organized a virtual Film Fest


On 2 October 2020, UAP Film Club organized a virtual Film Festival. The festival showcased 12 short films which were prepared by the students of UAP.

Mr. CM Shafi Sami, Chairman, Board of Trustees, UAP attended the program for some time and sent a video message wishing the event a success. Air Cdre (Retd.) Ishfaq Ilahi Choudhury, Acting VC, UAP also attended the program.

The theme of the film festival was COVID-19 pandemic and all the short films were related to different perspectives of the current pandemic situation. The film makers, beautifully, addressed recent issues, including psychological impact, socio-economic crisis of Bangladeshi expatriates’ due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Another purpose of this festival was to provide a much-needed relaxation to the students at a time of a pandemic that is causing serious mental stress and strain. The program drew much attention and many students from different departments of UAP attended the program and watched the films online. The program was also telecasted later on UAP Facebook page.

At the end of the festival, Air Cdre (Retd.) Ishfaq Ilahi Choudhury thanked everyone who was associated with the successful arrangement of the festival. Later on, Mohaimanul Islam, President, UAP Film Club ended the program with a vote of thanks.

Among others, the program was attended by Mr. Abdullah Al Farabi, Lecturer, Department of Civil Engineering and Adviser of UAP Film Club and Mr. Md. Tarek Khan, AD, DSW, UAP.