Inter-Department Futsal Tournament 2024

For the first time, UAP Central Football Club, one of the central clubs of the Directorate of Students’ Welfare (DSW), organized ‘Inter-Department Futsal Tournament 2024’ On 26 February 2023 at Rivershore Sports Arena, Boubazar, Hazaribagh.

All the departments contributed their heart and soul by participating in the tournament. Every department assembled a team consisting of both faculty and students. Among all the teams, the Department of LAW and Human rights and the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering made their way to the final. The final match was full of excitement and surprizes.

However, the match was draw and went to the tie-breaker round. The prize giving ceremony was held right after the final match and was conducted by the Convener of UAP Football Club, Md. Zakaria Bhuian, Lecturer, Department of Civil Engineering.
The Department of Law and Human rights achieved the victory in tie-breaker by the score of 02-01 against the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and became the Champion of ‘Inter-Department Futsal Tournament 2024’. Here is the final result of our tournament:
Md. Abrar Ibne Bajaj (LHR) - Best Goalkeeper of the tournament.
Nakit Mahmud (LHR) - Top Scorer of the tournament.
Jamal Uddin Tanvir (EEE) - Best player of the tournament.
Congratulations Department of Law and Human rights.