Certificate Giving Ceremony for Machine Learning & Deep Learning Course

The Research & Publication Unit of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at the University of Asia Pacific (UAP) successfully organized a certificate-giving ceremony for the Machine Learning and Deep Learning courses. The event took place on the 7th floor of the university, in room 714. The ceremony aimed to acknowledge and honor the participants' accomplishments in completing these courses during the semester break, from June 4th to July 17th.

The ceremony began with an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement as attendees gathered to celebrate the achievements of the participants. Dr. Shah Murtaza Al Masud, the esteemed Head of the CSE Department at UAP, graced the occasion as the chief guest. Professor Dr. Bilkis Jamal Ferdousi and Tanjina Helaly, assistant professor and convenor of the Research & Publication Unit at CSE UAP, and other faculty members were present to support and recognize the efforts of the participants. Their presence reflected the department's commitment to fostering a nurturing academic environment that promotes growth and excellence. The Research & Publication Unit, along with the entire CSE department at UAP, remains dedicated to fostering an atmosphere of innovation, growth, and learning.

The Machine Learning course was skillfully instructed by Abu Bakar Siddique Mahi, a dedicated student currently in his 4th year, 1st semester of the Computer Science and Engineering department at UAP. The Deep Learning course, on the other hand, was guided by Tanmoy Mazumdar, an accomplished recent graduate of the Computer Science and Engineering department at UAP.