Dr. Tanveer Ferdous Saeed, Professor of Civil Engineering, UAP receives Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grant

Dr. Tanveer Ferdous Saeed, Professor of the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Asia Pacific (UAP) received a prestigious grant from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) on 2nd August 2021. The grant and the project monitoring will be administered by ITN-BUET.

This extremely prestigious grant was awarded to Professor Dr. Saeed and his team to find a sustainable solution for human waste management and treatment in Bangladesh that is focused on by the government. Dr.NehreenMajed, Associate Professor and Dr. Jihad Miah, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering Department are the team members of this project.

Previously, this group secured both government and private funds for wastewater treatment in Bangladesh that is becoming the most prominent environmental issues of Bangladesh.

Professor Dr. Saeed is the Associate Fellow of the Bangladesh Academy of Sciences and the gold medalist of the University Grants Commission of Bangladesh. He is now associated with some of the important and time-worthy research projects of Dhaka city such as drinking water treatment performance improvement of the Saidabad Treatment Plant.