DBA organized a Webinar on “Investment in Capital Market and its Basic Operation”

Department of Business Administration, UAP successfully organized a webinar on "Investment in Capital Market and its Basic Operation” on Saturday, 14th of August, 2021. Mr. Mahmud-Ur-Rashid, Assistant General Manager, IDLC Investments Ltd. was the keynote speaker of the webinar. Dr. Mahbubul Haque, Head of DBA was the special guest for the event. Students from different departments of UAP joined the webinar.

Mr. Mahmud-Ur-Rashid primarily discussed about Capital Market of Bangladesh and its basic functions. He also explained the role of Capital Market in the economy and mentioned the criteria an individual should consider before making investment decision in Bangladesh Capital Market. A Q/A session was hold after the presentation. Mr. Mahmud answered the questions asked by the webinar participants. Dr. Mahbubul Haque, Head of DBA and special guest of the webinar also emphasized on the importance of capital market functions in his speech.

The session concluded with a vote of thanks by Mr. Md. Sharif Hassan, Lecturer (DBA, UAP) and Convener of the DBA Seminar & Webinar Organizing Committee.

The event was organized by the Seminar & Webinar Organizing Committee of DBA. The committee includes Mr. Md. Sharif Hassan (Convener & Lecturer, DBA), Mr. Maeen Uddin (Lecturer, DBA) and Ms. Nazneen Noor (Lecturer, DBA).