All students must wear respective ID cards in the university premises in a manner that the card is clearly visible. Only the official ribbon provided by UAP should be used with the ID card. Without ID cards, students will not be allowed to enter the campus and attend the class. Facilitating other students or outsiders to enter the campus with the ID card is prohibited and punishable offence.

Fire stairs are supposed to be used only during fire incident. Apart from the authorized personnel, no one is allowed to use the stairs or enter the area. Students are not allowed to enter the backyard area and both sides of the building after 06:00 PM. Unauthorized entry at the fire stairs or any other restricted area is punishable offence.

All ID cards are RFID. Every entry is recorded and will be analyzed to detect above-mentioned misconduct. Also, the whole university premise is under CCTV surveillance. Relevant disciplinary action will be taken against the students who will not comply with the above-mentioned instructions. Also, no service will be provided to the concerned students from the academic departments and other administrative offices, sections and departments.

Brig. Gen. A K M Nazrul Islam, PhD (Retd)