Inauguration of EEE Math Club and Intra Department Math Olympiad 1.0

The EEE Math Club has commenced its journey with 20 active members led by Mr. Khandaker Sultan Mahmood, Assistant Professor, Dept. of EEE, UAP, on February 28, 2024.

The club aims to foster a passion for mathematics and enhance the skills of the students. The club aspires to provide students with opportunities to engage in mathematical exploration and competition.

As part of the club's inaugural event, the club organized a brief inauguration ceremony followed by an "Intra Department Math Olympiad 1.0". Esteemed faculty members of the Department of EEE graced the inauguration ceremony, offering words of encouragement to the organizers and participants. The Olympiad brought together 42 participants from different semesters, allowing them to showcase their mathematical prowess and problem-solving abilities in a friendly and competitive environment.

The EEE Math Club looks forward to organizing more exciting and enriching activities to inspire students in the captivating world of mathematics.