UAP Faculty won the International Design Competition, Dewan Award for Architecture, 2023

Mr. Taorem Rahul Singha, currently working as a lecturer of the Department of Architecture, University of Asia Pacific (UAP), has won 3rd prize at the International Design Competition, Dewan Award for Architecture, 2023. This year, the award’s theme was the New Basra’s waterfront, seeking proposals to transform the underused Dakeer Island into a vibrant recreational urban destination for locals and visitors. Taorem's Proposal titled, "ISLE-CITY: Transforming Dakeer Island into a New Waterfront Development" was selected out of 137 submissions from 33 countries this year.

Taorem Rahul Singha graduated from Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology in the year 2022. Before Joining UAP he worked as a part-time Lecturer both at BUET & North South University.

Project Brief:
The Project aims to revive the essence of the Middle Eastern Venice, Basra City by understanding the morphology of the City and its distinctive elements. Because of its proximity to the Gulf, Basra has historically been recognized as having a significant impact on trade and commerce. Back then, the canals were part of the Socio-cultural and Economic life of this City and its people. As a result, the concept uses Canal as a key axis of the design, making it appear as though a branch of the Shat Al Arab River had entered the land. The Proposal celebrates the water surrounding the island through the built forms and open spaces. Thus, rather than making one consolidated volume, the design functions are broken down into different masses to let the green spaces, and waterbodies penetrate through it.

Jury Citation:
“A well-organised and structured proposal, clear intentions and unified architecture in materials, structure, visual impact, and excellent variations in scale from public to personal. The fish market is very well thought through.
The design successfully pays homage to the history of the city and the site.
The narrative focuses on similarities between Basra and Venice as justification for a “split island with a canal”. The canal looks good in design but needs further investigation of several challenges, for example, the changing water level in Shatt Al Arab (tide and ebb).”

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