Online Workshop on “Burn-Out Management and Compassionately Connecting to Self”

Social Counselling Centre of University of Asia Pacific organized an onlineworkshop on “Burn-Out Management and Compassionately Connecting to Self”with the Faculty Members of UAP on 13 July, 2021.

Ms. Roufun Naher, a Counselling Psychologist and International NVC Practitioner from University of Dhaka was the key facilitator for this workshop.

Air Cdre (Retd.) IshfaqIlahi Choudhury, Treasurer and Director of DSW, UAP was present at the workshop. In his speech he said that,we are going through a Global Pandemic. We are of adjusting with this New Normal life. There are lots of changes in our daily and professional life. Some changes are affecting us and creating stress.It’s a great opportunity for us that University of Asia Pacific has a Social Counselling Centre where anyone from UAP can get counselling support.

Throughout the workshop, MsRoufunNaher discussed about Nonviolent Communication Model, NVC tree of compassionate connection, ways of disconnection and reconnection, uses of NVC in our personal and professional life, natural elements for self-care etc.

Mst. Farjana Yasmin, Socio Counselor of UAP was present at the workshop and facilitated a Deep Breathing Relaxation Exercise to the participants.

The faculty members of UAP were the participants of this workshop. They shared their experiences and daily faced problems. Those problems and their managements were discussed. The participants expressed that the session was helpful and effective in this situation.