UAP Team won the Bronze award in Blockchain Olympiad Bangladesh (BCOLBD) 2022

"UAP_Blockchain_Application_Research," won the Bronze Award in the professional category in Blockchain Olympiad Bangladesh (BCOLBD) 2022 and received a 200,000/- BDT cash prize. There were two members in these team, Team leader: Dr. A S M Touhidul Hasan, and Member: Apubra Daria.

Olympiad Bangladesh (BCOLBD) has been held since March 2020 and arranged its 3rd edition this year in June 2022. National Professor Late Jamilur Reza Choudhury was the founder advisor of Blockchain Olympiad Bangladesh. Hundreds of teams compete for the opportunity to win big prizes and learn from the experts every year. BCOLBD extended the competition for the professional category this year and invited research organizations and software firms to participate.

A total of 180 teams submitted their projects, 50 teams were selected in the student category, and 10 teams were selected in the professional category for the final round.

UAP_Blockchain_Application_Research team won the third prize for their Zakat Fund Distribution (ZFD) project.

ZFD Project Vision:
The vision is to create a sustainable network where every deserving student will get an opportunity and access to STEM education through the Zakat funding. The proposed blockchain-based fund distribution network will provide the total trust to the zakat giver that the person will know exactly where the fund is going. By giving absolute trust and confidence, the giver will happily contribute his funding more to the deserving students. The team believes that the ZFD network will create better opportunities for deserving students to access STEM education from primary to tertiary levels, leading to Bangladesh's sustainable development.