UAPPC organized its 10th photo-walk

The UAP Photography Club arranged its 10th photo-walk on the 26th of August, 2023, with the distinguished Kamalapur Railway Station in Dhaka, Bangladesh as its chosen venue.

Kamalapur Railway Station stands as one of the largest and busiest railway terminals within the nation. Functioning as a pivotal nexus for transportation, the station accommodates a multitude of daily commuters, facilitating their journeys spanning the entire country. Boasting an impressive infrastructure, the station boasts no less than eight platforms and an array of amenities, including a hospital, mosque, and police station. The primary objective underlying this meticulously organized photo-walk was the comprehensive exploration and portrayal of the everyday scenes unfolding within the precincts of the station. This endeavor sought to present an innovative and multifaceted perspective, as viewed through the discerning lenses of the club's twelve exceptionally talented photographers.

The full-day workshop served as a quintessential platform for participants to glean insights from seasoned photographers, thus fostering the exchange of novel concepts and technical expertise. A total of twelve students from different departments from UAP enthusiastically participated in this enlightening photo-walk, which spanned from 8 am to 3 pm. Throughout the course of the day, students had the unique opportunity to assimilate fresh insights, acquire advanced techniques, and diversify their photographic perspectives, all under passionate photographers.